Road Trip!

All week I’ve been thinking about going to visit my Mum but I kept on talking myself out of it cause she will be down the weekend after.

Mum must have been on the same wavelength though, as yesterday she sms’d me during her lunch break asking if I wanted to come down for the weekend and to bring Gma (Grandma) with me.

I replied that I was thinking about it before she suggested it but definitely would now and then hurriedly moved my hair appointment from Saturday morning to tonight!

I also suggested that I would leave Gma there for the week and then she could come back the weekend after with Mum and John.

So I now get the house to myself for a whole week!  Yippeeeee…..

But now I’ve realised I will have to work out my own lunch and dinner for allll of next week 😦  It’s going to be sooo hard 😛


I’m sure I’ll manage though.

So I know that I haven’t been around much but just letting you know that I won’t be around for the next couple of days either.

So now I’ve got to pack and work out what hand projects I can take and work on and hopefully finish….

*211 days to Christmas*


3 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Have a lovely weekend with your mum, Have you finished any of Inspired weekend projects Yet????….Lol I have done 1 and have found some other things to make now so I must buy another box for my UFO’s…He He

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