So I don’t know if anyone still looks over here or has me set up via a reader so I thought, I’d drop in and let you know that I have moved over to Kelly’s Knits.  I’m still getting set up and comfortable but it’s starting to look pretty good 🙂

I look forward to seeing you all over there xx


2 New Quilts

I’ve currently been sewing up a storm as it is mid year break and when I was looking forward to these 4 weeks off, all I could think about was completing 3 quilts that are nearly finished and starting and finishing 1 quilt.

Well, I finished 1 quilt on 30 June, I then finished quilting another quilt Friday night which now leaves 2 to finish (binding only) which I’m sure I can quickly knock over next weekend or the one after.

So, it was with great excitement, that I allowed myself to start another quilt.  I was planning on only starting Who Whoo but then I was looking at Lily’s Quilts finished LynnBobSquarePants quilt and I thought it would make the perfect Leader Ender to Who Whoo.

So 2 quilts started 🙂  I’m still going to try and finish Who Whoo by the end of July as well as the binding on the other 2.  I’ve certainly made a good start so we’ll see how I go 🙂

Most Amazing Quilt Ever!

So I’ve been a leetlelax in updating lately.  But I have been very busy behind the scenes!

I’ve pushed buttons and bought more Kingdom fabric, I’ve purchased Woodland by Natalie Lymer whice I ♥ ♥ ♥.

I’ve bought a lot of fabric from Spotlight, none of which ever seemed to hit the spot 😦  I always seem to go in there with an idea in mind and I always seem to walk out feeling underwhelmed and extremely disapointed.

I’ve finished Pink Windy Days (which I’ve still got to blog), I’ve started quilting and have nearly finished Choc Coconut Ice and Galaxy of Scraps.  I’ve also dropped off Kingdom and Asian Bricks to Elaine, the long armer.

The quilt above…..  The one I have fallen in love with….

Well, it was actually supposed to be a Wedding Anniversary present!  However, as I was putting it together I was falling more and more in love with it but as I went I was convincing myself  that I could give it away.  Then, I finished putting the borders on it last Wednesday 15/2/12 and when I saw it all finished I knew that it was mine and that I could never give it away.

Which was unfortunate, cause I had already told and shown my friend the work in progress!  Fortnuately, she was fine when I told her that it now wasn’t going to be hers and we have now decided that she will have Choc Coconut Ice so it all worked out in the end!

Anyways, that’s about all the news I have right now.  I’ll try and blog about Pink Windy Days’ finish later in the week – my first finish for 2012!

I hope you all had a good weekend 🙂

2011: A Review

So it would seem that another year is over.  This year for me has just absolutely flown by so quickly I have no idea of where it went…..

I travelled to Sydney in January, February, May, June, August and December.  Twice for work and the rest for holidays.  I travelled to Mount Gambier on New Year’s Eve 2010 and 2011.

I didn’t work much at my second job but I did work some crazy hours at my first job.  I had 8 people leave my team (with another one on the way as we speak) and I trained another 8 to take their places.  Right now, I’m still one team member down and with the one that is currently leaving this will take me to 2 down and I still have someone going on holidays for 3 weeks in January.

When I did have a full trained team it was awesome.  Unfortunately, those times have been far and few between.  I learnt how to juggle even more and I also learnt how to be flexible and also how to ignore work.

For the year ahead; I want to learn how to be more balanced, how to actually walk out the door on time.  I plan on going to the gym more often and also more consistently.  I have applied to uni to study a Degree in Management with the view of going onto the Diploma in Project Management.  I’ll also help my Dad with his business and work are currently talking to me about a new role that is completely different to the one that I have.

I started going to quilt class in 2011 mainly for the company and to meet people that have the same interests as me.  It was good and I really enjoyed it and look forward to going again next year.

This lead to me sewing more.  I finished 12 quilts (10 quilts, 1 bed runner and 1 quilt cushion) of which 5 were WIPs/UFOs.

2011 Finished Quilts

I also started a few more tops than I finished and I finished quite a few from the bits and bobs stage to a completed flimsy top; there are 13 in total, but I could only find photos of 11 of them.

2011 WIPs

I bought 3 lines of fabric; Sunkissed by Sweetwater, Kingdom by Jessica Levitt and Woodland by Natalie Lymer.  I drooled over Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater and I very nearly bought that as well but I managed to restrain myself and only purchased a Jelly Roll.  I also bought lots of other bits and pieces.  Some to finish quilts, others for backing purposes and some just ’cause it was pretty 🙂

I spent a lot of time on the computer reading blogs and hence I have quilt a few more quilt ideas in my head that I haven’t even begun!

And now, I just want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

May it be full of growth, fantastic opportunities, challenges, ups and downs (to appreciate the ups), new friends, old friends, fresh starts, inspiration, creativity and enough to do it all in 🙂