And Wa Lah!

First you start with a pattern in your latest AP&Q (Vol 17 No 12 – June 2009) that ‘talks’ to you.

Then you stay up waaaay too late picking out fabric from your stash for said pattern

Give it another hour and you have all the pieces cut

Mix a further 4.5 hours and quite a few episodes of ER and you then have half the quilt put together

And the rest of the blocks made

After a break to watch some tv in the other room and another hour you get this

From there, you add in a quick dash to Spotlight for some border fabric and another 1.5 to 2 hours you get this

Wa lah!  A finished quilt top 🙂

It measures just over 60′ square.

I really like how it turned out but I think if I were to make it next time I’d skip the corner blocks and put 1′ dark brown or dark green inner border before the large brown border.

I also think that it should have really had a darker brown border but that was the best of the selection that Spotlight had.

That said, I think it still turned out pretty well 🙂

I did try to talk myself out of making it but I thought I deserved starting something new cause I have worked sooo hard on my placemats which really don’t do anything for my creativity or my muse.

Later this afternoon I worked on my Thousand Triangles quilt which when finished is going to require a lot of stunt quilting to finish.

Now though, I’m off to try and finish my Kokeshi Dolls before they disappear!

P.S: Kellie is coming to Adelaide!!!  I can’t wait and have already booked my spot.  Weeeeee, it’s going to be sooo much fun 😀


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