2 New Quilts

I’ve currently been sewing up a storm as it is mid year break and when I was looking forward to these 4 weeks off, all I could think about was completing 3 quilts that are nearly finished and starting and finishing 1 quilt.

Well, I finished 1 quilt on 30 June, I then finished quilting another quilt Friday night which now leaves 2 to finish (binding only) which I’m sure I can quickly knock over next weekend or the one after.

So, it was with great excitement, that I allowed myself to start another quilt.  I was planning on only starting Who Whoo but then I was looking at Lily’s Quilts finished LynnBobSquarePants quilt and I thought it would make the perfect Leader Ender to Who Whoo.

So 2 quilts started 🙂  I’m still going to try and finish Who Whoo by the end of July as well as the binding on the other 2.  I’ve certainly made a good start so we’ll see how I go 🙂