Scrap Basket Lattice

Finished Size: 50′ x 50′

This quilt was the third or fourth quilt that I made.  I had been at Patchwork by the Sea to pick out fabrics for Square Bright #1 & #2 and noticed that this quilt was hanging on the wall.  Looking at it, I knew immediately that I had to make it.

So I signed up for the class and then had to start buying fabric so that I had scraps as at that point I didn’t have any!

So I lurked around Spotlight, Lincraft (when they actually had fabric there!) and also the quilt shops.

One of my family friends in Sydney also sent me some of her scraps.

I then set about cutting out the scraps into rectangles and squares.  It took forever!  I also think that perhaps at that point – or at least at the start – I didn’t have rotary cutter and board so I was measuring with a ruler and pen and then cutting the fabric with scissors!  I know that I did Square Bright #1 & #2 as when I was finishing them up they weren’t quite square.

I thought when I did the class that the quilt would be finished in that day!  Ha!  Little did I know.  I spent the whole class doing just one portion of it and came home quite disinheartened.

I then spent the next month or so working solidly on the quilt and finishing it off.  It took longer than what I expected!

When it was finished I looked at it and went “how am I supposed to get this quilted?  I can’t do this!”

And so it sat until November 07 when I decided that I’d take it to my Long Armer to get finished.

It is machine quilted in a solid blue thread in a daisy pattern with wool wadding and cost $50 for the machine quilting.

I then put the binding on it and finished it with a label in April ’08.

It now lives on the back of the couch in my sewing room.


Bound + Labelled

Well, well, well.  What on earth is the world coming to?  I’ve actually managed to finish not 1 but 2(!), yes 2(!!) quilts.  Bound and labelled.  I think I deserve a gold star 😀

The first one is Scrap Basket Lattice.  I started this quilt in Feb 05 after attending a class by Susan Murphy through Brighton by the Sea.  It sat in a bag in my sewing room until I figured out that you could pay people to quilt your tops for you!  Then it was just a matter of saving money.  I put it in to be quilting in November 07 and got it back in February 08 (quilting lady was very busy) and have only now finished the binding and the label.  I am glad to be able to cross this one as done and off my list!

The second one is Heaven Scent.  I actually finished this one early last week.  Monday I think.  But, as I’ve been slack in posting I haven’t said anything until now!  I stayed up late after TAFE Tuesday night to put the labels on it.  Then, on Wednesday I skipped the gym to come home and I put it on my Grandma’s bed without her saying and didn’t tell her it was there!

Then, when she went to her room for something she came out and looked at me and said “what’s that for?”  and I told her it was her birthday present for her 80th but I was giving it to her now so she could enjoy it longer.

She goes in the day after her 80th for a Hip Replacement.

She loves it and was dropping major hints the whole time I was making it. 

That would look nice on my bed…..

I think that is the best quilt you’ve ever made……

So I said to her after I had given it to her that if she didn’t like it/didn’t want it to let me know cause I have a list of about 8 people who would gladly take it off her hands.  And you know what she said?

No, I love it but if you ever want to sell it to someone you can.

She has an idea that her niece, my second (?) cousin, would buy it from me for $500 which I think is totally absurd.  I told her that I don’t make quilts to sell them.  I make them cause I want to and so that I can give them away.  And I choose to give this one to her.

My Mum wants it put in writing in my Grandma’s will that she gets this quilt when my Grandma passes away – which hopefully is many years to come.

It now has pride of place on her bed – my Grandma’s that is.  Not my Mum’s.  She has her own quilt.


Now, I did promise to tell the story of me and Tara – well, from my point of view anyways 🙂


Last year (I think or the year before) I found Tara’s blog (through another one) and totally fell in love with her work.  Around that time her 2 Nine Patch Variation Quilts came out in AP&Q and being slightly slow it finally occurred to me that those 2 people were one and the same.  I lurked around her site for ages wishing I could go do a quilt class with her.

Then, I volunteered to work a weekend which meant that I had a Thursday off.  Which meant that I got to go to quilt class and finally meet Tara in person.

So, all through class I had to pretend I didn’t know anything about her.  Which made me feel like a stalker.

Cause I didn’t want her to know that I knew about her cause I already felt like a stalker and didn’t want her to think that I was one!  However, at the end of the class I did tell her and she was totally fine and wanted to know if I had a blog.  Which at that stage I did but not one for my quilts.

A couple of months later, I created this one and the rest they say is history!!

And now, I get to go to quilt class in 2 sleeps time and pick up the blue + tan quilt that Tara has been slaving away on.  Yay!!


“What do you mean you can’t bind the quilt if I sit on it like this? Don’t be mad at me, look at how cute I am!”


Rose, I did fleetingly think of just pinning it as is without fudging it and then adding wadding later but the lazy part of me got in the way so it was decided that it would be fudged instead!

Kathleen, thank you for the comments. I feel very lucky that I can spend this time with my Grandma and although she is sometimes protests about holding up the quilts I feel that I have to have her in the background now as it doesn’t feel completely “finished” without a picture of her holding up the quilt.

It was funny. When she saw the finished Blue + Tan quilt I think she nearly had a fit trying to think of how she was going to hold it up!! I told her it was ok as I already had photos. I will get one of the whole quilt when it is finally finished though!


The reason for the posts on specific quilts that are finished like yesterday’s is that I am anal (Really I am, ask Tara about the 2′ squares….) and I want to have all my quilts recorded somewhere with their dimensions, who they went to and when they were started and finished. So I have set up a Quilts Made page where I’m putting all that information and then when I have done a post on that quilt I then link to it.

I am also aiming to have a book with photos that does the same thing but I haven’t got around to it at this stage.


So last night I got home – after getting some chocolate mud ice cream (yum!) – and I felt exhausted but felt compelled to try and quilt Blue + Tan to see if I could do it or if I would have to call in reinforcements.

I did try, but at the moment trying to push all that fabric through the machine and positioning it on the table and my lap just wasn’t comfortable nor fun for me. If it had of been tolerable I would have continued but the little bit that I did was enough for me to know that at this point in time (and lack of experience) I can’t do it.

I then emailed Tara to see if she had room on her list to quilt it for me and thankfully she said yes. So, on Tuesday I’ll drop it into Quiltaholics for her to pick up and quilt for me.

I feel like I have made the best decision for myself and the quilt.

Besides, now I can work on finishing all the other stuff that I was doing!

Last night I did try to bind the Scrap Basket Lattice Quilt however, Ginger soon put paid to that so I just read some magazines and mucked around doing nothing much.

I still feel exhausted so I’m off to have the shower that I didn’t have time for this morning due to a mix up with daylight savings and technology cause I feel gross.

I had to take my tooth brush and make up to work so that I could do that in my first break. Ewwww……

And then, for tonight I thought I might make and put labels onto a couple of quilts so that I can cross that bit off my to do list.

Hope you all had a good weekend 😀

Quilt Class *Updated*

Yesterday I had quilt class with Miss Tara and I had been sooo looking forward to it for weeks.

However, on the day it seemed that my body caught up with my head and worked out that I was actually being far too busy lately and it just didn’t want to do anything! Which is funny in some ways actually cause it was only that morning that I was thinking that no one had better let my body know how busy it had been otherwise it would go on strike!

Which it did!!

So, when I was there although I wanted to do something because I had been sooo looking forward to it I just couldn’t seem to get moving.

Tara took pity on me and did some of the quilting on Heart Love and I did do some as well.

All up it is about half done and really it won’t take much more to finish it.

I was going to do it today after I did my homework, however, I’m still very much exhausted and lacking the energy to do much of anything really.

I set up the machine this afternoon and was going to go in there now but my heart just isn’t in it so instead I’m going to curl up on the couch under the air conditioner (12th day of 35C+) and bind Heaven Scent.

I also took some green fabric to see if it would be suitable to bind the pinwheel quilt with which it will be. I asked Tara if I had enough and she said that I did if I cut it carefully. I told her that I am the most uncareful cutter I know and she then cut it up for me! I was so spoilt yesterday. I’ll have to think of something to make it up to her.

Tara had brought along the top for her latest project and it is just beautiful. I can’t wait for the pattern to come out so that I can make it as well. It’s gorgeous!

So Tara, I do apologise for being something of a wet rag yesterday and I promise to be much more fun and entertaining when I come again in a fortnight’s time 🙂
*updated 23.00pm*
I should sooo be in bed!! I’m being naughty though as you can tell. I have to be up at 5.30am to go to work but staying up late watching tv and doing binding on my quilts is much more fun 😀
I finished the binding on Heaven Scent, now I just have make and attach a label for it. I then started doing the binding on my Scrap Basket Lattice quilt.
I kept on getting hot flushes as I was under the quilts and then Ginger decided to come and sit on my lap!
“Feeling hot, hot hot…..”

Scrap Basket Lattice – Quick Note

I was just reading Tara’s blog and due the amount of Google hits I’m getting for the pattern for the Scrap Basket Lattice I thought I’d copy and paste her note regarding the pattern here:

“I checked with the girls at the quilt shop this morning, and they tell me that Susan doesn’t actually sell the pattern for that quilt – it’s one that she only teaches as a workshop. I’m so sorry to disappoint, I know the quilt has been a big hit with so many of you.”

Is it just me or is Bloglines being a pain again?  I haven’t had any updated feeds all day and I just know that that can’t be right!

*Update 10pm* Bloglines is working for me again, yay!!