One Finished & (Another) One Started

I dragged Grandma down to Tricia’s early this morning and bought black and white homespun, backing for Asian Bricks, Made in Cherry and I also bought wadding for Made in Cherry.

When I got home I cut the black homespun up so that I could finish Made in Cherry.  Unfortunately, it seems and that black is not always black 😦

Anyways, I trolled through my stash and found some black homespun that matched in a quilt kit that has the fabric for Asian Bricks in it.

I re purposed one 3.5′ strip and finished off Made in Cherry.  It ends up being 60′ square so it’s quite large.  I can see that I’m going to have fun (not!) quilting this eventually!

Made in Cherry (60' x 60')

From there, I started sewing Asian Bricks together.  Asian Bricks is quilt kit that my Mum bought when the local quilt shop in Mount Gambier closed down.  I thought that she had forgotten about it but she keeps on making comments about me finishing it in time to give it to her for her 60th Birthday – in October…..

So, knowing that this year is going to be busy (helping Dad with his business, possibly going back to uni and still working FT) and that as the quilt is (to me) a monster 83′ x 85′ it will need to go to the quilter as I certainly won’t be able to quilt it.  This means that I will have to be extra organised with it to ensure that it is finished in time to give to the quilter and then give her time to get it back to me as well.

Asian Bricks

It’s coming together quickly which is good but as the 3 main bricks are 9.5′ x 16.5′ it makes it a bit hard to manuever both on the sewing machine and also on the ironing board.  It will look awesome when it’s done though.

Unfortunately, my holidays have now come to an end and I’m back to work tomorrow which is a pain as it will seriously hamper my sewing time 😛  Although, I’m thinking that my credit card thinks that it is a good thing!

Anyways, it’s late (for a school night that is) and tomorrow will be an early start so I guess I better head off to catch some zzz’s.

Sweet dreams y’all 🙂


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