13 Blocks Short of a Full Quilt Top

{Nearly} Made in Cherry

I’ve been sewing on and off today on my Made in Cherry Quilt and all day I have been umming and ahhing about whether I should make a trip to Tricia’s or not.  I rang at 2.45pm to find out what time they closed and they advised in 15mins so that kind of sorted that for me 🙂

I then kept on sewing but I hoped that I had enough fabric to finish the top.  I took a break around 4pm and came back to it at 7pm and continued sewing until about 11pm.  This is where I found that I didn’t have enough fabric 😦

As I’ve been sewing the quilt together I have also been thinking about the quilting and binding.  I think I will go with my bodgy squiggles all over (but change the thread colour for the star and the black blocks) as I think if I do a grid it will take away from the star pattern.  I’m also going to bind it in plain black for the same reason.

Just 13 more 3.5′ square black blocks and I would have finished it.  Oh well……

Off to the fabric shop tomorrow!


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