2011: Finish #12

I finished Rolling Along on 27th November 2011.

It was started on 25th September so it was a quick quilt 🙂

It only took 9 days to complete the flimsy.  Once completed to flimsy stage though it did sit in my sewing room for a while.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it or who to give it to.

Then, my mind jumped to the fact that I was going to visit my Dad in Newcastle in December so I thought I would finish it and take it with me and then Dad could give it to one of his friends if he wanted to.

I started quilting it in the middle of November.  From memory it was the first weekend after Grandma got out of hospital so it would have been the 19th November that I would have pinned it and started to quilt it.

I had half of it quilted and my mind then went to what colour I would bind it with.  I was thinking a raspberry colour but when I took it to Quilt Class I got Sharon and Joss to help me and we ended up with a Michael Miller orange Fairy Frost.

Rolling Along

On the 26th I was re-energised to finish the quilt, that and the weekend after I wouldn’t be able to finish it as I was flying to Sydney on 1 December.

So, after doing the normal weekend errands I sat down and finished it.

I really like how it finished up and I really ♥ the orange binding as well 🙂


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