2011: Finish #11

Chelsea Steps (61' x 61')

Chelsea Steps is a UFO from 2008.  It came about from my cousin coming down to my house one weekend for a coffee and her looking in my sewing room and deciding that she would like to learn how to do patchwork.

I picked this pattern out of Australian Patchwork and Quilting as it was a pattern that I did want to do and also it was easy enough for a beginner.

I had all of the fabric already for mine, so when she went home I cut out all of the fabric that I would need and then I waited for her to have time to come back down so that we could go fabric shopping.  Unfortunately, the fabric shopping excursion and sewing lessons have yet to happen.  As you can see though, I went ahead and made the quilt anyways.

I’m not sure when I finished the flimsy but I do know that it has been complete for a while as it has been sitting in my sewing room waiting for me to finish it by doing it’s quilting at least since January 2011.

As it’s so big, I took it to Quilt Class in August to pin.  I like taking my quilts to pin to Quilt Class cause everyone helps and it gets it done heaps quicker than me doing it on my own at home.  That, and the tables are bigger so you don’t have to keep moving it around.

As it’s quite big, it took me much longer to quilt.  I think it was around 16 hours whereas I can normally get a quilt done in perhaps 9 hours (without attaching the binding).

In February this year I visited Patchwork Product (OMG amazing shop/shed!) in NSW when I was there on holidays and when I was there I saw this green wide back on sale.  I didn’t really have plans for it other than it was cheap and it would be good as a backing.  I wasn’t planning on using it for this quilt as I already had a backing in mind for this quilt (or so I thought!).

As this year has rolled on, I have found and started another Christmas Quilt (Starry Eyed) that I like much better.   Having found this quilt and started it allowed me to be able to give this one away.  As I had worked out that I would give it away I didn’t use the backing that I had in mind and went looking through my stash to see if I had anything else that would be suitable.  That’s when I found the green backing and declared it perfect for this quilt.

I didn’t have anyone in mind to give it away to, so I asked my Grandma if there was someone that she would like to give it to.  She said she wanted to give it to her hairdresser Clarinda, then when I asked when she wanted to do that she said the day that Clarinda will come and do our hair for my cousin’s wedding (October 17).

So, I said ok and put my butt into my sewing room chair and got to work.

Chelsea Steps

I ended up binding it in the same fabric as the border as I didn’t really want to buy anymore fabric for it.  However, if I had of bought fabric I would have purcharsed a dark green to complement the inner border.  I think that it still looks ok, but the green binding would have made it look better.

It was finally finished on 4th September 2011 with plenty of time to spare 🙂

When we gave it to Clarinda she was speachless and in tears.  She absolutely loved it and apparently the backing matches her bed cover!


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