Rolling Along

Rolling Along

Well, whilst I am blogging and have spare time whilst I wait for Grandma to be admitted for her DVTs I thought I’d do another post for Rolling Along and in a minute I’ll do another one for the finish of Chelsea Steps (aka ‘The Christmas Quilt’).

Rolling Along came about as I had dropped into Hettie’s a month or so ago on the way home from the dentist and I was there to look at one of the quilt books that I had seen the month before.  I was thinking of getting the book but when I looked at it again I wasn’t as in love with it as I was previously.  Then I found this other book that I liked and it had quite a few patterns in it that I could see myself making so I bought that one instead.

I was bored/looking for a distraction on 25/9/11 and whilst I knew that I should be finishing off many of the other quilts that I have half finished or 3/4 finished I couldn’t resist the pull of starting a new project 🙂

So, Rolling Along was started and the tops was finished by the 3/10/11 so it was a quick and easy quilt to make.

I have an idea of who I want it to go to but I just need some time to get the backing and wadding put together so that I can quilt it.  It’s only a small one (42′ square I think?) so when I do get it ready it shouldn’t take too long.

Quilt class resumes Thursday week so I might take it then to pin and start the quilting on it and hopefully have it finished in time to take with me on my next trip to NSW where the people that I will give it to live.



In other news, I thought I’d show you a photo showing the progress of my hexagon quilt.  It is taking forever but it really does look amazing.  It’s going to be ages before it’s finally finished.  I can’t wait until it’s finished though so that I can get back to my cross stitches 🙂


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