A Galaxy of Scraps

I’ve just come back from sewing class.  My first class back in 6 weeks and whilst I knew that I had missed it, I didn’t realise how much until I walked in the door.

I didn’t do much but I did enough to make me happy and to get back into the groove of things.

I finished putting the borders on Galaxy of Scraps last night so tonight I bought wadding for it ready for me to work out a backing for it.  I have something in mind but I just need some time to organise it.

I pinned Choc Coconut Ice and bought binding for it.  I’ll be glad when I’ve finished this one.  It’s been hanging around my sewing room for ages!  It’s the next on the list to be quilted and finished so I’m hoping it won’t be around for too much longer 🙂

I took my finished blocks of Stars and Pinwheels with me to get ideas of how to border it and if I needed to make more blocks to be able to make it square (I have real issues with rectanglur quilts in that I much prefer them square).  The girls decided that it would be fine as it is and to just add borders.  So as their previous advice has been brilliant I’m going along with that.  I manage to get the blocks into rows and I’ll work on the weekend into making it into a top.  I’ll need to take it back next week to buy some green fabric for a border though.

I also took Pink Windy Days with me to pin but I was a bit over pinning once I had finished Choc Coconut Ice so it’s come back home unpinned.  I’ll either do it over the weekend at home or take it with me again next week to pin there.

Other than that, I haven’t really been up to much.  I did finish Chelsea Steps (11th finish of the year, oh my!) on Sunday which I haven’t blogged about due to lack of time but I’ll do that first chance I get this weekend.

Reading all of this I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the different stages I have everything at so I’m off to make a list to work out where I’m at with everything and then I’ll feel better 🙂


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