All Updated :)

Thank you for bearing with me whilst I spammed your RSS feeds getting my blog updated.

I have now finally finished and hope to be able to keep it up to date as I go from now on.

I think that I have got the basics of what I have been up to over the last couple of months.

I’m sorry if my out of date posting has annoyed you in anyway.

The only thing I haven’t mentioned is that for the last year or so, I have been looking around my sewing room and looking at what I can use, what I can get rid of (throw away) and what I can get rid of (give away).

I’ve had this box full of stitchery stuff (linen, cottons, pellon etc) that I knew that I wasn’t going to use in the future as I found it too slow and I figured that I had enough to do creative wise without adding another thing to the list.

I was tempted to throw it away but I don’t like waste so I thought I’d give it away and as soon as I worked out that I would indeed give it away I knew that I would give it to Rose as she likes doing stitcheries and seems like a lovely person.

So, the box sat with me for months and months and months waiting for me to be organise to contact Rose for an address and see if she would like it.

I finally got myself organised at the end of July and emailed her asking if this is something that she would want.  She replied that yes, she would love to have it and supplied her address to me.

It then took me a little while longer to organise a post bag but I managed to do it the same Friday night I skipped the gym, got my eyes tested and went for coffee with Caitlin at Norwood.

I posted it on the Monday late in the afternoon and thought perhaps it would get there Wednesday.  Rose emailed me on Tuesday to let me know that it had arrived and she loved it (WTG Australia Post for prompt service!).

She then blogged about it on 7/8/11 and also said that she was using the linen for a project that will be used a fundraiser for assisting orphans in Cambodia.

It makes me glad that although (like blogging!) it took me awhile to get around to sending the linen and threads to Rose, I finally did.  It’s a much better use of the items than putting them in landfill.

On that note, I’m off to either just chill in front of the tv and watch Bones or watch Bones and do some sewing, catch up on my banking or cuddle the cat.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂


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