A Day In My Life: 16 June, July & August

Nobby's Beach (Newcastle) August 2011

*written on 28/8/11*

Ok, so just because I’m lazy and I don’t really remember enough about 16 June or 16 July to warrant them getting their own post this late in the game I thought I would be cheeky and do the 3 months together 🙂

16 June 2011

Was a Thursday and I can’t really remember much about this day.  My iPhone calendar says that I had to go to work, gym and quilt class.  It was my busy week at work so whether stayed behind at work to finish stuff of or if I left on time and went to the gym before quilt class I don’t know.  Project 365 is no help either as all it shows is my sewing machine; so at least I know I went to quilt class!

Although, I just checked my credit card statement and it says that I went to Target so I’m pretty sure I went to the gym, had spare time before quilt class and then went to Target to have a look and fill in the time.  From memory I found some jackets that looked alright and I bought them.  Although I know that once I got them home I wasn’t happy with them and I have since taken them back.

16 July 2011

Was a Saturday, so tells my calendar.  Project 365 shows me a picture of Funky #1 so I’ve now remembered that I finished that quilt on that day plus I started basting Funky #2 before going to bed.  I probably slept in, ran to Arndale to grab a Gloria Jeans coffee and then spent the day in the sewing room watching tv and finishing Funky #1.

16 August

Was a Tuesday and it was a lot less solitary than the month before.  I had flown to Sydney and trained it to Newcastle on the Saturday before for work purposes and on the Tuesday I had spent the talking talking to people about what they needed to do to start with the company I work for.  I was in Redhead and at the place I was at it overlooked the ocean and I could see the freighters coming into port.

Dad and I then went out to dinner in Newcastle trying a hotel (which wasn’t very nice) and a local chocolate dessert shop that had styled itself after Max Brenner.  It was nice that night but when we went back on the Friday night it wasn’t as nice so it has now been marked down as tried it, was ok, won’t go back.


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