Where Does Time Go???

Sydney Central Train Station

Oh my!  The last time I looked it was end of May and I had just returned from visiting my Dad in Newcastle and I had every intention of blogging about it and the owl quilt that I had just finished before I left.  Plus I had to do the ‘Day in My Life’ post that I missed for May as well.

Like most of my plans, none of this actually eventuated.  I got busy with work and I started going to gym after work and I also started going to Sit and Sew every Thursday nights.

I have been quilting though.  Boy have I been quilting!  I have finished 6 quilts since the 24th of May with 4 of them being in June alone.  The most impressive thing for me is that they have all found a home bar one so I am definitely working on my ufo’s and stash!

Right now I’m sitting on a train heading to Newcastle to visit my Dad again.  Work have given me and my team the latest big client and so I’m now here for a week visiting with the client to make sure that the hand over to my company goes well.

So I thought what better way to make use of the next 2 and a bit hours than to catch up on my blog?

I’ll be post dating the entries so that as you read my blog they will appear in date order.  I’ll do them from oldest to newest as well so if you are reading via Google Reader or Bloglines they should also appear chronologically.

Hold on tight!


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