2011: Finish #10

Zoe's Quilt (40' x 53')

*post written on 28/8/11*

I started this quilt at the start of June when I returned from my holidays in Newcastle with my Dad.

His best friend was about to become a grandfather for the first time and I thought it would be nice if I finished off a quilt that I had on the go for him to give to his granddaughter.

I thought about which pattern to use for a few days and then I remembered that I had an Easy Double 4 Patch lying around that I had just finished (to flimsy stage) to be 6 rows square.  That night, I slept on the idea and when I woke up, this is the layout that I found to be in my head 🙂

I had just purchased Natalie Lymer from Cinderberry Stitches Bella Babushka’s pattern so I thought that a Babushka would be perfect to sit in the left hand corner.

Zoe’s name was made in word with Cooper Black (I think?) size 900.  Traced off my laptop screen and then put on some Steam a Seam and sewn onto the top.

I drew an outline on some graph paper of how I wanted the quilt to look but I seemed to errors somehow so I had it all sewn together three times and unpicked three times before I was happy with the finished product.

I had it to flimsy stage by 4 June and ready to quilt but then my Dad said that they may not be calling the new baby Zoe and so it sat on my sewing room floor in a bag dejected until my Dad sms’d me on 28/7/11 to let me know that she had arrived and was indeeded named Zoe.

I then thought that I would have until October to finish it off and give it to my Dad when I went over next however, work had other plans for me.

On the Tuesday 2/8/11 work asked if I would like to go to Newcastle to do one on ones for the new group that was coming onto our system.  I said “yes please” as I had been asking to be able to do more travelling and this was my dream come true.

Only trouble was was that the date that I would fly over would be 13/8/11 a mere 11 days away!

I immediately went home and basted Zoe’s quilt and started quilting it.  I had it quilted and bound by Sunday 8th August which then meant that I could concentrate on packing and making sure all of my work was up to date.

On the 13th I flew out of Adelaide at 6.30am (bright and early), landing in Sydney at 8.30am.  After missing the 9.15am train to Newcastle by “that much” I went and got a coffee and then waited for the 10.15am train to leave.

I arrived in Newcastle at around 1pm – 8 hours after leaving home at 5am that morning!

We stopped and had lunch and then Dad’s friend came out for a coffee and I gave him the quilt then.  He thought that it was awesome and couldn’t wait to give it to his daughter.

She also loved it and I have since received an MMS from my Dad with a photo of Zoe lying on the quilt looking very cute 🙂

Next Finish: Chelsea Steps


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