2011: Finish #7

Remember Who #2 (37.5' x 52')

This quilt was a bit anticlimatic in the sense that I had already made it once and although I love it (and the first one that I made) it didn’t fill me with as much fun to make it as I was on a deadline and I was extremely worried that I wouldn’t have it finished in time.

I had also used up a lot of the accent coloured fabric for the first one so I needed to make another trip to Hettie’s Patch to acquire more fabric (I know, I know, life is hard :P).

I cut out all of the bits the night before my first quilt class (9th June) and took it along with me along with Stars and Pinwheels to leader ender.  I had most of it done by the time that I left which I was happy about.

I then spent the rest of the weekend finishing the top and preparing the backing and wadding.

I took it with me to work on the 23rd June (they have a big table there) and I pinned it there after work so that once I got to quilt class I could just sit my butt in the chair and start quilting.

I quilted just over half by the time that I left which I was happy about.  Over the next week I finished the quilting on it and got ready to bind it.

However, I wanted to try sewing the binding to the back and the front of the quilt but I didn’t want this quilt to be the ‘guinea pig’ to try this new method on so I had to wait until I finished Blue Windy Days to see how it worked out.

This new method worked out really well and I after I finished Blue Windy Days on the Saturday I sat down on the Sunday to finish this quilt as well.

I love this quilt and the patter and if needed I will definitely make it again 🙂

*edited to add (9/8/11)*

I had been invited to the baby shower on 14/8/11 however, as I am now going to be in Newcastle I won’t be able to go so I took the quilt in to my PT today to give to his wife.

He absolutely loved the quilt and was very impressed with it and told me that his wife would freak out (in a good way) when she saw it.

The good thing was was that she would be dropping in before I left (which I didn’t know when I took it in) so I could see what she thought.

She did freak out and loved it as well.  She kept on saying that it was wonderful and that I was really clever and talented.  She couldn’t believe that I had made it and was very impressed.

Its responses like these that keep me making my quilts and giving them away.  I love seeing the joy on people’s faces when they receive a quilt and really like it.


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