2011: Finish #6

Blue Windy Days (35.5′ x 35.5′)

I read many blogs through Google Reader and one that I am liking for it’s ideas is The Moda Bake Shop.  The premise behind Moda Bake Shop is to get designers to make quilts out of Moda fabrics and precuts to show you what you can make.

Some of the quilt ideas grab me like this one did.  It is made by Sarah of SarahB Sews.

However, I am trying my very best not to buy anymore fabric than absolutely necessary (ie to finish a quilt, borders, backing and binding) so I knew going forward that I wouldn’t be buying fabric for this quilt but I thought that it would work just as well as a 2 colour baby quilt.

I had also bought some fabric in Sydney in February that would do as the background fabric.  Although, at the time I only bought it cause it was pretty and cheap!

I started making this quilt on the 22 May and I had the top completed on the same day.  It was very quick and easy to make.

Once I had finished it though, it didn’t really impress me.  It just didn’t seem to have the sparkle and oompf that I thought that it would.

I decided that I would still finish it and as it would go to a friend once they had had their baby it wouldn’t really matter what I thought!

I took it to quilt class on 23 June to get help with basting it and started quilting it that night.  I also found the blue spot and decided that that would be the binding for the quilt and not the plain boring blue that I had in mind (and in my stash).

Whilst I was at quilt class I noticed one girl sewing the binding on her quilt on the back and the front and I took note on how to do this myself as hand stitching the binding on is not one of my favourite things to do.

I then tried out this method on this quilt and can I say that it is the most brilliant idea ever and I doubt that I will ever hand stitch the binding to the back of a quilt ever again.

I worked on it on and off with a few others (Remember Who #2) until it was done.   I would have finished Remember Who #2 before this one but I wanted to try sewing the binding on the front and back on this quilt first.

I finished Blue Windy Days on 2nd July and as soon I saw it finished I fell back in love with it.

I really love it now and can’t wait to give it away as a gift.  I highly recommend the pattern as it is quick and easy to do.  If you were pressed for time you could probably do it in a weekend if needed.

I have now started a pink one which most people think is amusing.  I call it my back up plan just in case my friend has a girl!  Although, I do think it will be a boy but I’ll just have to wait and see 🙂


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