It’s a Go (Kind Of)

Zoe's Quilt

*written on the couch at home 28/8/11 trying to catch up on all my blog posts!*

I sms’d a photo of this quilt last night to Dad to see if he thought that it would be ok for his friend’s granddaughter.  He then forwarded it to his friend to see.

Whilst this was happening, I thought that I would be smart and continue working on it so that I could then baste, quilt and bind it and have it finished quickly.

My plan was working until he rang me back later in the day to say that his friend loved the quilt but now they weren’t sure if they were going to end up calling the baby Zoe or not!


I’ve now finished a back for the quilt but have stopped working on it until the baby is born.  Then if it is called Zoe I’ll go ahead and finish it.  If it’s not, then I’ll need to undo the top bit with the name and replace it with the right name and then finish it.

It’s now sitting in the corner of my sewing room feeling very sorry for itself!


One thought on “It’s a Go (Kind Of)

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