Opinions Please

I’m back from holidays interstate and I’m now using the remainder of my days off to become reacquinted with my sewing machine and giving Ginger lots of cuddles 🙂

Oh how I missed my sewing machine (and Ginger!).  I took my hexagons though and I made heaps of progress with them.  I’ll show a picture of that another day.

Anyways, whilst I was away I decided to change the Easy Double 4 Patch that I had finished around to make it more personalised.

This is what I’ve come up with:

Easy Double 4 Patch (with a Twist!)

The name will end up in the same fabric as the bottom half what the doll has and I think at this stage the binding will be as well.  For the moment though whilst I get an idea of how it’s going to look I’ve just traced the letters and coloured them in with my highlighter.

I haven’t measured it but it should be around 39′ x 52′.

I quite like it but I’m just a bit afraid that it’s a bit too bright.  Grandma also likes it but she’s a bit biased and thinks that everything I make is beautiful.

It’s for a friend of my Dad’s who is going to welcome a granddaughter into his family in August.

And this is where I need your honest opinions please.  What do you think?  Pretty?  Not Pretty?

I’m not quite sure what I can do with it to fix it if y’all think it’s not pretty but at least then I will have a general consensus and I’ll start again from scratch 🙂


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