2011: Finish #5

Remember Who (37.5' x 52')

All the way back in January I purchased a whole lot of Sunkissed by Sweetwater from The Fat Quarter Shop.  Whilst I was pushing multiple buttons for the jelly rolls, charm packs and yardage I also purchased 3 patterns.  2 were for the Sunkissed fabric and then there was this one that I purchased just because I could and if I was going to pay that much for postage then I was also going to get this 🙂

It then sat in my sewing room keeping all the Sunkissed fabric and patterns company until my personal trainer told me that his wife was expecting and could I pretty please make them a quilt?  Oh and he will pay me.

I said, “Of course I’ll make you a quilt! And no, I don’t want any money.  It will be my gift to you :)”

I can’t remember when that conversation took place however, I do now that in mid April I took myself off to Hettie’s Patch on 12/4/11 to purchase some additional fabric to the background and border fabric I had pulled from my stash.

The lovely Lorraine helped me find some blues, greens, reds and browns for the main part as well as the fabric needed for the owl and his tree.

Then, on Sunday 17/4/11 I started cutting up the fabric and creating the 9 patches.  From there it was a hop, skip and a jump to the 4th May when I had the top completed.

I then put this photo on Facebook saying that I had an Owl and it’s name was Ollie.

Ollie the Owl

Mum’s partner saw the photo and comment on Facebook and asked if he could buy it from me for Ollie the Grandson.  I said “Of course you can have it and no, I don’t want any money.  Just take me out for breakfast the next time you are down.”

It then pinned and quilted it over the weekend before procrastinating on trimming it and sewing down the binding.

It then got this weekend where I thought I better get a move on and finish it off before I go to Sydney as I knew that Mum and her partner were probably going to come up whilst I was away and I wanted it there for them.

So I sewed the binding on by machine and then sat there watching tv whilst I hand stitched the binding onto the back.

Since this quilt, I have learnt how to machine sew the binding onto the front and the back of the quilt and I feel quite confident in saying that this is probably the last quilt that I will ever hand sew the binding onto.

They did come up to Adelaide that weekend and gave the quilt to Ollie the Grandson where it was a big hit 🙂

Next Up: another Remember Who for my PT, a quilt for my friend Caitlin and Windy Days.


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