Another Day Off


written on 14th August 2011: sitting @ my Dad’s house in Newcastle waiting for him to wake up!

Today was my second Monday off in a row for this month!  I think I’m on a roll here and I’m also trying to work out how to permanently have Monday’s off with pay, cause this sure is the life!

I now have 2 weeks off from work.  Spending Mon & Tues of the first week here at home catching up on stuff.  Then from Wed – Tues I’m at Dad’s in Newcastle again and then the rest of the second week I’m home again.

Today was spent pampering myself.  I had gotten a voucher from Endota in January saying if I spent $100 I would get a free 30mins facial.  At the time I went “yeah whatever” but as time went on these past few months the more the voucher played on my mind so in the end I went “yeah why not?” and booked myself in.

First up with a PT session with Stewi though where he put me through my paces.

Then I blissed out with an hour massage and half hour facial.

From there I met Caitlin at Arndale to see Pirates 4.  It was really good and we both enjoyed it.  I was a bit disappointed that Orlando Bloom wasn’t in this one but I still had Johnny Depp 🙂  I felt that it was a much better Pirates than Pirates 3 which I’m not too fond of.

From there we went to Henley for coffee and cake.  First we tried Cibo.  Closed.  Then Royal Copenhagen.  Closed.  Finally we tried Evida and thankfully it was open!  We chatted and caught ourselves up on each other’s lives.

Then it was off home to have some dinner and start packing for my trip to Sydney on Wednesday.


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