Quality Time

Bernie the Bernina

This afternoon/evening I have spent some quality time with Bernie my sewing machine and it has been really lovely.

I have been doing a lot of quilting trying to finish quilts off and get them out of my drawers and house that I had forgotten how much I love piecing.

I’m not sure about what time I started (I think 2.30pm) but as of now I have:

  • machine sewn the binding onto Remember Who Loves You (just the hand sewing on the back to go)
  • nearly finished another Easy Double 4 Patch that was just missing 2 more rows
  • started Windy Days Quilt

So I have been busy and I feel like I have been very productive 🙂

I have also discovered the secret of being productive whilst you sew and watch tv.  You watch sport.  Any sport.  V8 Motor Car Racing and Football is what I watched today and because I’m not stopping to look at the TV ’cause it doesn’t interest me I therefore spend more time watching what I’m doing because I’m more focused!


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