More Sewing :)

Easy Double 4 Patch & Windy Days

Man, am I loving this holiday thing.

I’ve got 2 whole weeks off and I’ll be in Sydney (again) from Wed – Tues so for the weekend I’ve just been sewing up a storm and loving it!

Today I:

  • finished Easy Double 4 Patch to flimsy stage
  • finished Windy Days (although, I’m thinking I’m going to put borders on it)
  • started hand sewing the binding down on Remember Who

I’m having doubts about Windy Days though which is disappointing as the pattern looked promising.  Perhaps it is because I didn’t use a variety of colours, I don’t know.  It’s not speaking to me as much as what I thought it would.  I’m thinking I’m going to throw a (finished) 2′ cream border, 1.5′ blue border and then another 3′ cream border on it and then cream binding to finish it off.

Or I could just call it done and quilt and bind it as is and not put any more time or fabric into it.  I just don’t know….

Worse comes to worse, I’ll give it away as a baby quilt.  Goodness knows there’s enough of them around at the moment!  Although Grandma has said something about it going to one of her friends so we’ll see.  If Grandma wants it though, it will go there.


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