A Day In My Life: 16 May 2011

written on 13th July 2011: sitting on the train to Newcastle

Ha!  It’s been so long and so many things have happened since 16th May I’ve nearly forgotten what I did on this day!  Thankfully for my organisational skillz, the calendar on my iphone my Project 365 app to remind me!

I spent the weekend in Sydney with my Dad.  He wanted me to attend a free Dale Beaumont conference with him on the Friday and Saturday and then I flew home on the Sunday.

I decided when I booked the Friday off of work that I would also have today, Monday, off as well so that I could have a long weekend.  This would then give me a chance to breathe and chill out from the craziness that had been my life for the past 4 months due to work.

My friend Caitlin who I am going to the gym with most nights of the week also has Monday’s off of work.  This seemed like the right time to introduce her to BodyPump as usually the classes aren’t on the right time and she wasn’t confident enough to go on her own.

First stop for me Monday morning though, was the chiropractor.  Lugging my 20kg suitcase around Sydney over the weekend up stairs and down stairs definitely gave me a workout and meant that a tune up was needed 🙂

Then, I made my way to the TTP gym to meet Caitlin for the 10.30 class.  She enjoyed the class and we both got a good work out even though we both only used the ‘baby’ beginner weights.

From there, we headed over to Gloria Jeans for a MochaCaramelLatte and banana bread and a catch up.

Funny story: When I lived in Melbourne and Gloria Jeans opened up in my nearest shopping centre I quicly became addicted to my MochaCaramelLatte’s and then when I moved back home to Adelaide I refused to drink any other coffee but GJs much to my family’s disgust.

Then, a few years back they either changed their beans or my taste buds changed (I’ve never worked out which one it was) I suddenly didn’t like them anymore and I ‘grew up’ and started drinking skim caps which my family was very happy about 🙂

Anyways, since this day I have now become readdicted my my MochaCaramelLatte’s and I seem to be spending all of my coffee money there!

It’s ok though.  I got Caitlin back.  I got her addicted to banana bread 🙂

I became addicted to banana bread from my December ’10 Newcastle trip when my Dad took me to the Sunday markets and we bought some there.  It is sooo yummy and delicious I kind of feel sorry for the pre banana bread me who didn’t know anything about it.

After we had caught up, I then when to see my friend Rita for a catch up as well and then I headed home to unpack and get ready for work the next day before crashing well before my normal bed time.

It had been a very busy and jam packed 4 days!


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