I Meant To….

Remember Who

Oh boy…. The week just gets away from you doesn’t it?

I meant to blog on Saturday night when I finished pinning Remember Who, but I forgot.

I meant to blog on Sunday night when I finished quilting Remember Who, but I forgot and it was waaaay past my bed time.  As in do not pass go, do not collect $200 go straight to bed kind of late.

I meant to blog Monday night but I was too tired.

I meant to blog last night but after I got home from the gym but I watched Sea Patrol and read a few things online and then I was too tired.

I wasn’t going to blog tonight but I’m going out for dinner and packing tomorrow night and then I’ll be in Sydney Fri – Sun and Monday who knows what I’ll be doing but by that time my news will be old news and it’s a whole week later!

Anyways, my news was that I have finished quilting Remember Who.  I’m really happy with it.  I did try to do the quilting a bit larger but I don’t know if I succeeded; but it looks good so I’m happy.

I’m not liking how the owl itself isn’t really attached to the quilt so I think when I get back from Sydney and have bit of free time I’ll do some loose quilting on it.  Just enough to attach it more to the quilt I think.

I was hoping to have the edges trimmed and the binding machine sewed on before I left but it’s not going to happen so I’m just going to be happy that I have this much done 🙂

Speaking of going to Sydney…  Tracey (of Peppermint Patcher…. oh and have you seen her lastest creation in Quilter’s Companion – Quilts from PreCut Fabrics?  It’s Gorgeous!) has moved a ‘few’ kms away from home (not in Sydney but in sunny QLD) and has taken her machine with her to ensure that she keeps busy.  I mentioned that I would be more worried about having enough handsewing to keep me occupied.

Wanna know how far up that comes in my list of priorities when I travel?

Well, when I go over this weekend I was only going to be taking hand luggage with me and as you can’t take needles and pointy scissors on airplanes anymore (boo hiss!) I posted mine over to my Dad last weekend so that when I take my hexagons & cross stitch with me I can still sew!  Sad huh?

Anyways, I better go.  Lots of stuff and things to do before I can go to bed.

Night all 🙂


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