2011: Finish #4

Dreaming of Paris (37' x 42')

And it’s done!  🙂

I saw this quilt on Tracey’s blog in January 2011 I knew that I would be making it at some point but I had no idea when or what fabric I would be using.

And so, the idea sat in the back of my head until the last week of March when I remembered I had a bundle of fat eighths in my stash from when I thought I would make Leanne Beasley’s Butterfly Garden.

I started it mid afternoon on a Sunday 20/3/11 and I did have doubts at that stage about whether I would have enough fabric.  Being the impatient person that I am ,I shrugged it off and went about cutting into the fabric figuring that it would all work out in the end.

At that time I also thought that I wouldn’t get a 5′ square out of the fabric and so I cut my squares at 3.5′.  It was only after I finished cutting up my fabric that I realised that I could have cut the 5′ squares like Tracey.  Doh!

I did run out of fabric not once but twice!  Thankfully the friendly ladies at Hetties Patch were very helpful in supplying me with some more 🙂

I finished the flimsy and the border really quickly and then it sat in my sewing room until the Easter long weekend break.  I just didn’t have time to do any further work on it until then.

By the end of the Easter weekend I had the Eiffel Tower attached and also sewn on.  I used Kellie’s method from Don’t Look Now which is where you outline the applique with wadding behind the shape.

I rustled a scrap of wadding and used some homespun as backing and just outlined the Tower on it’s own.  Once I had done that I flipped the quilt over and trimmed the batting and backing back to the edges of the outline.

I did it this way as I wanted the Tower to really ‘poof’ out when I was done.

Looking at it now though there are 2 things I would have done differently.  One is that I cut out all of the shapes separately from the fabric.  Next time I’ll cut it out as one big bit.  This is because I can see the joins and two bits where lifting up when I was quilting the quilt.  I have since ironed them into submission!  The other thing I would have/will do differently is that I won’t have batting behind the applique.  I’ll still outline it before I put the final wadding and backing on the quilt but I won’t have the 2 layers of wadding.

When Mum saw the quilt Easter weekend she fell in love with it as it is made up of the floral ‘shabby chic’ fabric that she likes.  I said that she could have it but she would have to wait until it was done and I wasn’t sure when that was going to be.

Saturday night 30/4/11 I was thinking about the quilt and I was feeling a bit intimidated by it but then I decided to suck it up and to conquer my fears.  As whenever I have been intimidated I have always eventually finished the quilt and it has always looked fine and all I have lost is time whilst I procrastinated about how to quilt it.

Dreaming of

I finished quilting the middle very late Saturday night or early Sunday morning (depending on which way you look at it!).  It was then that I thought I might have a chance in having this quilt finished in time to be able to post it down to my Mum for Mother’s Day.

I spent Sunday afternoon quilting the floral squares with the help of my buddy Ginger.

Ginger Helping

Early evening had it all quilting and the binding attached by machine.  All that was left was to hand sew it down.

I finished most of it by late Sunday night but then I had to go to bed so that I could wake up early for work today.  All that was left was a side and a bit.  So close!

I left work on time today and came straight home and finished it 🙂

Even though Mum has said that she will wait for her present (not that she knows what I’m planning) I think I’ll take it with me tomorrow and post it down to her so that she does have it for the weekend.


Next Up: Remember Who Loves You and then Choc Coconut Ice.  If I can get one of these finished by the end of this month it means that I am back on track for finishing 1 quilt per month this year!  Although I’ve got 2 trips to Sydney this month too so we’ll have to see if I manage to accomplish this 🙂


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