Just Maybe….

Dreaming Of

I will get this done by Mother’s Day.

I’ve finished the quilting on the whole quilt now.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to quilt the grey inner border but it didn’t look right if it had nothing on it but I also knew that I didn’t want to squiggle it.

Once I had finished quilting the border I looked at the grey border and I knew that it needed something.

So, I attached the walking foot and sewing a border on the inner and outer edges.  I think that it looks ok.

I’ve started handsewing the binding on and I now only have 1.5 sides to go so I’m definitely thinking that this quilt will be done before Mother’s Day.

I was planning on posting it down to Mum on Wedesday so that she would have it for the weekend but I just rang her and asked if she wanted her present posted down or if she is happy to wait until she comes up next (possibly end of May).

She said she’s happy to wait, so the urgency that I was feeling yesterday no longer applies.

I’m so close to finishing it now though that I’ll just keep going.

I reckon (depending on how work goes tomorrow) I’ll be blogging a 2011: Finish #4 post tomorrow if it all goes to plan; which will be very exciting 🙂


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