Dreaming Of

Maybe I will be able to  finish this quilt before Mother’s Day…….

Mum fell in love with it when she was down last weekend.  She really liked the fabrics I used and wants the quilt for herself.  Nevermind the fact that she already has at least 5 quilts at her house!

I’m a bit intimidated by the idea of quilting it but I bit the bullet earlier tonight and kept saying to myself “I am not intimidated by this quilt, everything I create turns out beautifully” and so far it seems to be working!

My quilting style is more of a smaller and tighter squiggle but for this quilt I’ve really tried to keep it big and loose so as to keep the quilt floppy and also so that it doesn’t take as long to quilt it.  Yes, I know….  I’m lazy 🙂

I managed to finish quilting the middle bit but it’s not 1am and I’ve finished watching all of Series 3 Volume 1 of Rush so now I think it’s bedtime!


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