I Love A Bargain!

My Bargain Cupboard

Today I went and visited my hairdresser in Glenelg for a long overdue visit.  The last time I saw her was in November!  I was supposed to go in March but unfortunately I was too busy.  So by the time today rolled around I was more than ready to have my hair done 🙂

On my way home, I stopped by Kmart and then my brothers.  It was driving from my brother’s house to mine that I saw this cupboard on the side of the road outside a shop.

Now, this shop is one of those second hand charity shops so as I drove past I didn’t think that it would cost that much.  Still though, I kept driving trying to convince myself that I didn’t need/want it.

A few more metres down the road though I had talked myself into going back and at least asking how much it would be.

I walked into the shop and asked the question.  Answer: $25!!!

There were no second thoughts after I heard that.  It was coming home with me to live in my sewing room where I could put my fabric into it 🙂

They helped me put it into my car and when I got home I asked my Mum’s partner to help me put it into the middle of the sewing room.  It’s still sitting there as I type as I need to wait until someone can help me move it and currently they are all out at the football.

I am very excited about my cupboard though and how much of a bargain it is 🙂


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