2011: Finish #3

Blue Lagoon (55.5' x 55.5')

Well, it took me longer than I wanted and expected but Blue Lagoon is finally done.

I started it at the beginning on January 2010 with a deadline in mind of December  2010 as that was when my Dad’s 60th Birthday was and it also gave me 12 months to start and finish the quilt.  The idea was was that I would go over to Sydney and visit him for his birthday and give him his quilt at the same time.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite according to plan.

I did go over in December and I had a wonderful time but I didn’t finish Dad’s quilt in time.

I had the first 2 rows done by the 10th January and I was zooming along.  My theory at that time was to keep working on it until I got sick of it as I knew that that would happen at some point but I hoped that that wouldn’t happen until I was further along.

I worked on it on and off in between other quilts.

Mid October came along and I only needed to do a further 16 blocks to finish the top.  I then had the idea that if I were to pull my finger out I would still be able to finish it by December and still give it to Dad on his birthday.

All of the blocks were done by 31/10/10 and then I surfed the internet looking for inspiration on how to set them together.

I found that inspiration from a blog called Quilts of Love where she had made a log cabin quilt but had set the logs off centre.

I then played around with 3 different looks and emailed my Dad to show him the different settings at that time but I pretty much had my heart set on having it set out as it now is regardless of what he said!

It was at this stage where I was really close to finishing that I stopped working on it.  I  just couldn’t work out how how I was going to quilt it.

In short, I became intimidated by the idea of quilting it myself.  I did throw around the idea of getting it professionally quilted but as I had already cut out the wadding and backing it really wasn’t something that I was going to be able to pursue further.  And even if I did get it quilted by someone else, it still wasn’t going to be ready in time.

After I came back from Sydney in December, I was thinking about the quilt and how I really wanted to finish it.  I started and finished my bed runner in the midst of this and whilst I was quilting that I decided that enough was enough and I was just going to bite the bullet and quilt this one.  ‘Cause you know done is better than not done 🙂

The biggest thing that was stopping me was the fact that if I used blue thread to quilt it then you would be able to see the quilting on the beige fabric and if I quilted it in beige thread you would then see the quilting on the blue fabric.  And I really didn’t want my quilting to stand out.

I then decided that I would get around this dilemma by quilting the beige fabric with the beige thread and the blue fabric with the blue thread.   It took longer to quilt than I thought it would due to the stop and starts of changing threads and the fact that my quilting boredom threshold is quite low!

By the end of February though, I was all but 2 rows from the quilting from being finished.

At the start of March I had finally finished the quilting and I also had the binding machine sewed on so all that was left to do was sew it down my hand at the back.

Unfortunately March was all about work and not much else.  I vaguely remember a weekend afternoon where I sat in front of the TV and hand sewed down half of the binding but it didn’t progress any further than that until tonight.

Tonight though, I was sitting in the lounge room watching TV and keeping my Mum company (she’s down for the Easter/Anzac Day long weekend) and I finally managed to finished hand sewing the last 2 sides.

I’ll be in Sydney visiting Dad again in mid May so I’m thinking I’ll post it over to him and then he can open it up when I get there.

I’m really happy that it’s now finished and I hope that he likes it as I’m really happy with how it turned out.


Next Up: 1 of 3 quilts….  Dreaming of Paris, Remember Who Loves You or Choc Coconut Ice.  Although, the only one pinned at the moment is Dreaming of Paris so I would count on that one being finished first! 🙂


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