A Day In My Life: 16 April 2011

It was a busy day today and I spent most of it running around town.

First off was a quick trip to the Fish Market down my way for some flake for Grandma.  We have the family coming over at Easter next weekend and apparently the idea is that we are having lunch together on Friday and fish is lunch.  Hence, a trip to the fish market!

From there I went to Norwood to grap coffee and chocolate chip hot cross buns (my favourite!) to sustain me in the coming hours.

I then went to work to try and catch up.  I think I managed to do that.  I did leave heaps  not done but I got to 2.15pm and I just couldn’t physically stand to be there anymore.  So….

I left and headed to North Adelaide where I arrived for my waxing appointment 30mins early.  I did some window shopping at the local jewellery store and saw some very lovely sparkles which were never in any danger of leaving the shop!

After my appointment I headed home where I putzed around on the computer for a few hours.

Then Grandma and I decided to head out for dinner.  She suggested staying home and she would cook fish.  I suggested we go out to Fasta Pasta!  Guess which suggestion won 🙂

We rocked up to the Port Adelaide store and it was full.  There was no parks left and the place looked like it couldn’t fit another person in.  We were slightly disappointed but figured we would go to Plan B.  Sportivo @ West Lakes.


The footy was on 😦  So, no Plan B.  Onto Plan C.

Thai Orchid @ Henley Beach.  I figured that as it was no longer summer, it was slightly cold and that the footy was on it would be quiet down there.

And I was right.  There were heaps of parks and we easily got a table.

I really enjoy going to the Thai Orchid.  The food is always awesome (omg….. the fried rice is an experience in itself) and the service is brilliant as well.

After dinner, we stopped off @ Royal Copenhagen for some icecream before heading home.

Once home I sat on the couch, surfed the interwebs and watch Fast & The Furious and drooled over Paul Walker’s baby blue eyes and Vin Diesel’s biceps until bed time.


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