It’s a Flimsy!

Last night’s movie was great.  I always enjoy a good love story 🙂

Going to Gold Class has now totally ruined me from seeing a movie at the ‘normal’ cinema though.  Trust me when I say if there was a way for me to put the lounge chair into my handbag and bring it home for my sewing room I would have!

Today, I took some more time to chill out and relax and finished the borders on Dreaming of Paris.  I also cut out out the Eiffel Tower and attached it to the quilt.

When I saw this on Tracey’s blog all the way back in January I fell in love with it and I knew that I wanted to make it but I wasn’t sure on what fabric I was going to use as I’m not the floral type.

The idea sat in the back of my head until mid March when I remembered I had fabric that I bought when I intended to make Leanne Beasley’s Butterfly Garden.

I knew that that would work and so late on Sunday 20th March I started to make the quilt.  I did hesitate before I made the first cut because I didn’t think that I would have enough fabric but then I decided “what the heck” and just went for it.

I cut my squares to 3.5′ square as I didn’t think that I would get 5′ squares out of it.  It was only after I finished cutting it all up that I realised that I would have been able to do 5′ squares.  Doh!

It has now ended up as a rectangle, whereas Tracey’s is a square as I didn’t think or remember to trim my squares down to the size they were supposed to be.  That’s ok though, cause I think it works just as well as the original.

I got the centre done with the pink flange (Tracey has her ric rac, I have my flanges 🙂 ) attached as well.  I finished attaching the grey border on 23rd March and then it just sat waiting until this weekend.

I am really looking forward to getting the time to quilt, bind and finish this quilt.  I don’t have a receipent in mind at the moment but I’m sure one will come along.


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