Yet More Fabric Needed….

I’ve managed to run myself down from working too much and I have caught the flu that seems to be going around.

Only trouble is is that I have also lost my voice!  Everyone at work is calling me squeaky and when I try and talk to Grandma she tells me that she can’t hear me and to speak up!

Work made me go home an hour after I got there on Friday.  I tried telling them that I was fine but they said I need to go home and rest otherwise I’d probably need a week off and they couldn’t afford for me to do that.

So, home I went.  I slept all day which meant that I couldn’t get to sleep until well after 12 midnight.

Today, Grandma had me drive her around and then in the afternoon I managed sort the borders of Dreaming of.  Only trouble is is that I realised that I still wouldn’t have enough fabric.

So it was yet another last minute mercy dash to Hetties Patch for more fabric.  This time I also picked up some quilting thread and some more safety pins.

Once I got home I didn’t have time to finish the borders as I needed to get ready to go out.

Work has organised a night out to Gold Class @ Marion as a reward for all of the hard work we do over the end of the our year.  I chose to see The Adjustment Bureau which I have heard is good.


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