2011: Finish #2

Churn Dash Cushion (33' x 33')

Well, I debated about counting this project in on my finishes for the year but then I kind of figured that a finish is a finish and if I don’t count it I may not reach my goal for the year!

So I decided to cheat and count it in 🙂

This all started because Dad had asked me in December to make him a cushion cover.  At the time I went ‘yeah yeah, I don’t have time perhaps if you are lucky I’ll do it’  as any good daughter would!

He asked again in January and February saying that he didn’t care what it looked like, it could even be just 2 pieces of fabric sewn together.  Now, I wasn’t happy with that idea so I started thinking about what I would make and what pattern I would do it in.

Dad asked for black, white and red colours and with that I originally thought I would do a few blocks of bento box and whiz bang it would be done.  But then Mary posted a pattern for Churn Dash Stars and I decided that that would the pattern I would do.

I pulled the fabrics out of my stash on Sunday 6th March and at the time I wondered if I would have enough fabric to do the whole cushion.  I did think that perhaps I should wait so that I could go and buy enough but then I decided that I just wanted to start it and get it done.

I really should have listened to that voice in my head!  It turned out that I didn’t have enough fabric so a trip to Tricia’s Discount Fabrics was made the next day after work.  I bought some star black and white fabric which I thought might work but I wasn’t too sure.

As I was making the blocks up I was really worried about whether it would all pull together with the different patterns of the black and white fabric and it wasn’t until tonight when I finished it that I could finally see that it all worked together.

I love the black and white fabric that I used for the background and I also love the red flange that I did as well.  I was a bit iffy on the plain black border but Grandma talked me into it.  I’m really happy that I listened to her as it worked really well.

Putting the back on it was a bit hard as I wasn’t sure on how to do it.  I read a few blogs to try and understand what I had to do but I just couldn’t grasp the whole concept as I learn by watching and doing not by reading.  I was able to get the general concept though and crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

It all worked out though just like I wanted it to.  The last test to make sure it is all ok would be to put the insert in however, that’s all the way across the country in Newcastle so I won’t be able to do that.  I’ll post it to Dad tomorrow and hope that it works out.

I was hoping to have this finished last night after I finished work but a friend rang to see if I wanted to go to the movies and I thought it would be a good idea to get out of the house.

I then slept for 12hrs and got a late start to my day.  13+ hrs a day at work over 14 days will take it out of you.  Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse but I hope by mid April it will start to get better.

Anyways, I drove to the beach for a coffee and then came home to finish the flange, black borders and also the back.

I like the way it turned out and I can see myself making a full sized quilt with this pattern but I would most definitely make sure that I had enough fabric in all colours before I started!


Next Up: finishing the hand sewing on the binding for Blue Lagoon.


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