Review: Feburary 2011

Coogee Beach

So February flew by didn’t it?

I started February by flying back from Sydney from my first interstate work trip.  The next day was spent at work catching up on the worked that I missed out on.

The day after that, Cyclone Yasi hit Far North Queensland and I was glued to the tv that night watching the news updates hoping that all of my friends that live up there would stay safe.  Thankfully they were able to.

The next night I went to see the movie Black Swan with a friend and I had to leave half way through.  It was definitely not my type of movie!  I thought going in  that  I knew what kind of movie it was but I was totally wrong.  I didn’t read up on it as my friend had said that it was a good movie and Natalie Portman had won awards for it so I thought it would be good.  Nope.  Next time I will definitely read up!

Dinner out with Grandma was on the cards for the night after a day of chilling out and catching up on my sleep.

I spent the week catching up on normal stuff and then Mum came down Friday night ready for out flight to Sydney on Saturday morning.  We had lunch out at Ryde before winding our way back home via a few quilt shops.  We then went to the Rooty Hill RSL for dinner and to see Sara Storer.


The next day Dad picked my up early and we made our way to Leura/Katoomba/Blue Mountains.  We got to Leura and it started fogging in so we stayed and had breakfast/lunch and wandered up and down the main street.  We also took a bit of a scenic walk along the look out but by that staged it was so foggy that you couldn’t see anything so we decided not to go to the Blue Mountains as we wouldn’t be able to see anything.


So we made an executive decision to head back and find something else to do.  On the way back, Dad decided that he was too tired to drive so we parked on the side of the road so that he could have a Nanna Nap whilst I sewed some hexagons that I thankfully threw into my handbag at the last minute.

Unfortunately he left the engine running or the lights on or something which meant that a an hour or so later when he woke up and we were ready to move on the engine was flat!  We then had to wait 2 hours for the RACV to rock up and rescue us.

By that time it was dinner time so we headed for the Penright Panther’s RSL and had dinner at Osso Steak and Ribs.  It was yummy and I totally recommend it if you are in that area.  I would so head back for another night if I had the chance!

The next day Mum, her friend and her friend’s son and I headed out for a day at the Taronga Zoo.


We saw lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) as well as meerkats, baby elephant, giraffes and pelicans.

The next few days before we flew back were spent looking at more quilt shops (for me) and card shops (for Mum) with a lot of coffee and cake in between 🙂

Once back I went back to work and Mum stuck around for a few days before heading back home.

Bed Runner

I finished my bed runner on the Saturday and started quilting Blue Lagoon on the Sunday with the hope that I would have it finished by the end of the month and thereby catch back up to finishing 1 quilt a month.

Unfortunately; life, normal work and other work got in the way and it just wasn’t possible.  I got all but 2 rounds of Blue Lagoon quilted on the last day of February and then just had to accept that it wasn’t going to be finished.

And then it was March.

Stay tuned for next month which promises to be quite boring as I don’t think I will be doing much except for working crazy hours due to it being my end of year.


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