‘This’ Close


I thought for sure that this time this week I would be back and reporting that I had Blue Lagoon all quilted and the binding machine stitched down and ready to be hand sewn on.

All was going to plan until Wednesday night when I had to work at my 2nd job.  I had planned for this though and had worked my sewing schedule around it.

But then….

Second job rang and wanted to know if I could pick up a shift Saturday night which would then mean that sewing on Saturday would be out.

And then, first job – my ‘normal’ job – threw a major curveball at me and reshuffled my team and another leaving me without trained staff 😦  This then meant that Thursday and Friday nights I was there to 8pm and I also went in this morning for 4 hours.  This obviously cut out all of my sewing time.

This afternoon I was all set to go when I got home but then I got distracted by Facebook and Zuma Blitz and wasted a few hours there.

I finally got to sewing but it was such a struggle.  The machine really seemed to drag.  It was only after 30mins that I really looked at the machine and found that I hadn’t dropped the feed dogs from when Grandma used the machine to take up the hem on my new work pants.  Doh!

Once I sorted that out I was then flying along.

Until Ginger decided that he wanted to camp out under the quilt.  It was quite funny watching him disappear under the quilt.  He has never done this before and it now seems he has settled in for the night and is fast asleep!

Which means that I am 2 rows short of finishing the quilting.  I was aiming to have all of the quilting done, the edges sewn down and then trimmed, all ready to have the binding sewn on during the week at some stage.

This next month is going to be absolutely crazy as well as it is the end of year for me at ‘normal’ work and with having a ‘young’ team it is going to mean I will have to put in a lot of extra hours to make sure that everything is done.

I think at this stage I’m going to aim to have the quilt completely finished by the end of the first week in March.

I’m then planning on making Dad’s cushion and a few mug rugs.  I’ll worry about the rest of my UFO list once March has finished 🙂


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