A Day In My Life: 16 February 2011

Boat @ Manly

So, what did I get up to today?

Well, I have been on holiday in Sydney since Saturday and today was the day that I flew home.

It was a slow start with Mum and her friend getting up early and going for a walk whilst I got to sleep in.  I know who got the better end of the deal on that one!

Mum and I then started and finished packing.  I had bought quite a few clothes and just a leetle bit of fabric .  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to put the fabric in our suitcases due to lack of space and the weight but as it turns out I needn’t have worried on either option.

We had plenty of room left in the cases and I ended up weighing in at 18.5kg and Mum at 23kg so we just squeaked it in 🙂

We then headed out for a quick bite of lunch at Coogee before we headed towards the airport.

Once we got to the airport we checked in with plenty of time to spare.  A coffee and a piece of cake later and we were boarded onto the plane.

On the plane I watched 1.5 episodes of Numb3rs and we were back home before we knew it.

Once we got home, I quickly unpacked, put my washing out and then sat down to watch some tv and do some hand binding on the bed runner.

I’m determined to have it finished by the end of February with perhaps the quilting on another quilt done as well.  I’ll have to see how this weekend goes….  I’m planning to pin 2 biggish quilts and hopefully get the quilting done on one of them but I’ll see how I go.

I have tonnes of work to catch up on from work and I’m not sure if I will have to/want to do that so that I am caught up on Monday morning.

Or I may decide that I’m sick of work and do my own stuff 🙂


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