Review: January 2011


At The Beach

So, I thought this year I would do a review of the month after it has finished just so that I can keep track of what I do every month.

I was quite busy in January so I actually have something to say!  I’m curious to see whether I keep it going even in the quiet months.   I’ll certainly try though 🙂


January 2011 was a really busy month.  It started on Christmas Eve when my Mum and her partner came down for Christmas.  They stayed for the whole week and then took Grandma back with them to Mount Gambier.  I had the house to myself for a whole day and I didn’t like it at all.  I was sooo lonely.

I drovedown a day later on New Years Eve after work and sadly we were all in bed by 10pm!  No fireworks for us….

The next day we drove to Port Fairy and Warnambool for lunch and to visit Spotlight.

I didn’t really see anything that I wanted but I was told that if I didn’t buy anything Mum’s partner would kill me as he had driven me to Warnambool specifically so I could go to Spotlight.  Oops!  So I spent around $70 and got quite a bit of fabric at $5/m.

On the Monday Grandma and I drove home and it was back to work on the Tuesday.  It was my ‘busy’ week that week so it was all I could do to keep up with the work that was flowing in.

In the meantime I became out of contract with my mobile and I upgraded to the iPhone 4.  I aboslutely ♥ and adore my iPhone and I now can’t imagine why I resisted it so long. I now can’t imagine life without it 🙂

It was then my birthday on the 16th and my Mum came down and took us to West Side Story the day before and we went out for dinner after as well at Henley Beach.  On the actual day I didn’t do too much as Mum went back home and my brother was too tired to visit and Grandma didn’t feel like going anywhere.

Soon after, Fat Quarter Shop announced they hard yardage of Sweetwater ‘Sunkissed’ and I happily dropped my credit card number into the internet and bought quite a bit of it. along with 3 patterns.  When I’m going to find time to make the quilts I don’t know.  In the meantime, it just makes me happy to look and touch it everyday.

Around this time I also got a new Heart Rate Monitor for going to the gym with and also I cancelled my landline adsl internet connection and got a wifi modem that I can take with me when I visit my Mum and Dad.


Bunnies @ The Beach

I started leaving work on time and going for walks along the beach for either a set period of time (1hr) or for a set distance (6km).  I manged to see 3 rabbits at Henley during my walks which encouraged me to keep doing it on the off chance I would see them again.

My old Personal Trainer also kept on ringing me to see when I’d come back to the gym and I restarted that as well.

I revisited some old friendships that had been idle and caught up for coffee a lot.  One of them is a photographer and she showed me a setting on my camera which allowed me to take photos that always turn out amazing.

This combined with my camera on the iPhone reignited my enthuiasm for photography and I now have my heart set on buying myself a Canon SLR at the end of the year.  Once I’ve bought it I will then go and do some classes with it so that I can learn about all of its settings.


Mmmmm.... Coffee!

I also decided that I would reduce/cut out my coffee habit and for quite a few weeks I was only having coffee on Wed, Sat and Sundays.  It was hell at first as I went cold turkey but once I got through that I felt really good.  I found that I wasn’t as reactive to things around me and I didn’t get so upset with people either.  It also meant that my body was allowed to be thirsty and I easily drank 3L of water a day.

January 2011 was also the month of my first ever work trip interstate.  This is something that I have always wanted.  When I was growing up my idea of a perfect job was that I would have a company car, my own business card and be able to travel for work.  I got my own business cards late last year and now with the interstate trip it means that I have achieved 2 out of 3 things which I’m really happy about.

As I was due to be in Sydney on the Monday morning I asked if I could possibly fly out on Saturday morning instead and I could then visit with my Dad.

They said yes so I spent the Saturday and Sunday being a tourist with my Dad.  On Saturday when I flew in we went to Manly and then caught the ferry to Sydney.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

I took a whole heap of photo and I am soooo happy with how they turned out.


Sydney Opera House

I took so many that my memory card didn’t want to take any more photos as it was full.  I then deleted some older photo and then the battery died!  From there it was photo by iPhone.

We then headed to the Opera Bar for a drink and then caught the Ferry back to Manly for dinner and then the long drive home to Newcastle, during which I fell asleep.  It had been a long week!  Poor Dad, I wasn’t much company.


On the way to Sydney

Sunday we went to Port Stephens for a drive and we went to lunch at Aussie Bob’s which is a very well known fish and chip shop.   Before we left for home we drove around a bit more  to see the sights.  From there it was an hour long drive back home for dinner.


Port Stephens

Monday found me in the Seven Hills which is in the western suburbs of Sydney for work.  It was 44C for both days that I was there and I was extremely happy they had air con!

Tuesday was a whole new month but it was also spent in Seven Hills with a late flight home.

On the quilting front I tried very hard to finish my bed runner but unfortunately I ran out of time.  I’ll try to finish it by halfway through February so that I can then start on my next project and hopefully get that one finished in February as well.


In January there was also a massive flood in QLD with 75% of the state under water.  It was terrifying to watch it on TV and I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to see it in person.

I have a lot of people that I know through work and also the internet that live in QLD and I was worried about them all.  Thankfully, they all came out of that disaster safe although a bit wet.

Well, that was January!  February is also looking to be very busy.  I can’t wait to see what it brings 🙂


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