Getting There

I have had an amazing weekend.  I’m not sure what has made it so amazing but whatever it is/was I hope it stays around!

I went for a couple of walks on the beach, updated my iPhone with Apps, some quilting, went to work, caught up with a friend for coffee and took my Grandma out for breakfast.

Phew, I feel tired reading about what I did but it was lovely and I would do it all again tomorrow if I could 🙂

The bed runner is coming along nicely.  I am getting a bit impatient with the amount of time that is taking to quilt but hopefully it will mean that it will look just right when it is done.

Bed Runner

I have nearly finished quilting all the purple bits this weekend so once that is finished I just need to do the blue bits and trim it back and put the binding on it.

I’m still hoping that I will have it done by the end of January as we have a public holiday on Wednesday for Australia Day so I’m thinking I’ll get the rest done then.

I’ll move onto Blue Lagoon after that.

Dad wants me to make him an 80cm x 80cm cushion cover and I’m trying to tell him I don’t really have time to do this before I see him Monday week.

His idea of a cushion cover is just wacking 2 pieces of fabric together and turn it inside out!!!

I’m trying to tell him that unfortunately for me it’s not that easy.  I have a few ideas but I just need them to perculate and come to the front of my brain 🙂

Anyways, I didn’t get enough sleep last night and this week is going to be crazy so I’m off to bed.

.:Night Night, Sleep Tight:.


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