Look at the postman brought to me today….


3 Patterns

Sunkissed by Sweetwater

And Fabric!


I got one package yesterday which I accidentally left at work last night!   Which meant that I was on tenterhooks all day waiting to see if I  got the next lot.

I was annoyed with myself last night for leaving the fabric at work but then I decided to look on the bright side and worked out that it then meant that I would be able to fondle and look at it all day whilst I was busy.  It certainly did help cheer up my day and made me happy 🙂

I fell in love with this line the very first moment I saw it and Iknew that I had to have it when it was released.  So I have been stalking the internet until it was released (with yardage) the first week of January and I bought heaps of it.

I was only going to buy a jelly roll but then I found the patterns for the quilts and then I had to have the layer cakes to make the other pattern (on the right) and then I had to have the yardage for the borders and then I had to have some extra yardage because it was there and I was buying fabric and if I’m going to spend $40 on postage I may as well make it worth it right?  Right 😉

And then the third pattern (on the left) was purchased because I really liked it when I saw it ages ago and I wanted to buy it then but I didn’t want to pay postage on that only so now was the right time to get it 🙂

My only quibble is that my jelly roll is flat 😦  But I totally understand that it would be easier to post this way but still….

Anyways, I have been meaning to post for ages but I just haven’t seemed to get around to it.  I am currently quilting my bed runner (with Ginger ‘helping’) and I’m aiming to have it done by the end of January.


Ginger Helping

So when it’s finished I’ll be back with another post.  Or hopefully I’ll post before then as well.

I am at some stage going to go through my Quilts Made page and for the quilt that I don’t have a post describing the finished product I want to create and link back there and also onto the 2010 Finishes Page (if applicable).

I have made a 2011 Finishes Page in anticipation of alllll of the quilts that I’m going to finish this year so now I just need to fill it out as I go 🙂

Anyways, it’s been a big day so it’s bed time for me.

.:Night Night, Sleep Tight:.



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