Design Wall Monday – 22/11/10


Partway There

Well, I kind of fell in a heap since I last posted.  Normal work got busy, I had to go out for dinner with my brother before he left to go overseas for 3 weeks, I also had to take my Grandma to the doctor (thereby leaving work early) and then on top of this I worked Friday and Saturday night!


So I guess what I’m trying to say is that my design wall hasn’t changed much since we last visited it a week ago.

I did get some time yesterday to do some sewing though and I have finished 3 blocks with the other 7 in various stages on progress.

I was hoping to do some sewing tonight but I am sew so (he he) exhausted right now I think I’ll just turn the lights off in the sewing room and lie down on the couch to see who will win ‘The X Factor’.  I hope it’s Sally or Altyian 🙂


Ginger Helping 🙂


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