A few weeks ago, I worked out that if I pulled my finger out and concentrated I could get the last 16 blocks of Blue Lagoon done and then be able to finish it completely before I go to Sydney at the start of December…..

Well, I finished the blocks on 31/10/10 and then finished sewing all of the blocks together to form the quilt top on 9/11/10 but since then I just haven’t touched it.

I’ve just had too many distractions 🙂

First I was finishing all of the green blocks in Stars and Pinwheels.  Then of course, I had to sew a few of the pink blocks to make sure that it would all go together well….

Stars & Pinwheels

And then it was this table/bed runner that I started tonight.

Bed Runner

I bought the black fabric from Spotlight when I was in Mount Gambier a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it on sight.  I got half a metre whilst I was there and have since made my Mum go back and get me another half metre 🙂

But I’m guessing that if I want to take a quilt to Dad for his 60th on the 3rd December I’m going to have to pull my finger out again and get started with pinning and quilting……  Too bad I like sewing the tops together more than I like pinning and quilting!


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