Australia Day

Hexagon Quilt

Today we had a public holiday for Australia Day and whilst I had the day off I still decided to pop into work to do a bit of work.

The way I figured it, I would be there from 8 – 10(ish) and be home by 10.30am which is when I would normally start waking up so really, I wouldn’t be losing out on any ‘sewing time’.

I had a few things that I wanted to do today which included catching up with my internet banking, giving myself a pedicure and just laze around.

I managed to do all of that plus work out a way to watermark my photos in a batch without using adobe – which costs a packet.  I feel very smart to have worked this out – gotta ♥ google 🙂

I also finished quilting my 2nd Berries for Breakfast in a shell/feather pattern.  I’ll share a pic once I finish the binding and the label.  I think it looks ok, ‘specially if you don’t look too closely!

But for now, I’m going to log off and play a bit of Ponzi – which my cousin introduced me to on the weekend – and go to bed.

I hope everyone had a Happy Australia Day 😀


One thought on “Australia Day

  1. Love these Hexagons — I don’t know if I could do a random one but it would be nice to not worry about arranging them in the flowers for a change. Of course, I haven’t managed to actually piece an entire quilt from them either.

    Google’s Picasa is a nice little program and the watermark is a nice feature too.

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