Design Wall Monday – 4/1/10

Blue Lagoon - Block 1

As previously mentioned, I’m going to do my best to update more this year and as part of this I have decided to do Design Wall Monday which Judy organises.

So, above is a picture of my latest quilt.

It’s a brand new quilt that I’ve started with this first log cabin block being started and finished tonight.  Only another 63 and I’ll have a quilt top!

I’m going to call it Blue Lagoon as it seems to fit better than my other ideas – Blue Logs/Blue Cabins/Blue Log Cabins.  I’m such a thinker I know! 😛

It will need to be finished by 6 December 2010 as that is my Dad’s 60th birthday.

Hopefully he will like it.

Behind it is “Another 9 Patch Star” and to the left (but not in the picture) is Stars & Pinwheels which I’m leader endering with Blue Lagoon in the hopes of finishing 2 quilts at once.  Usually this does my head in – due to the concentrations levels required – so I’ll see how long this lasts.

Anyways, I better hop off to bed before I get distracted and turn my sewing machine back on 🙂


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