2010: Finish #1

Snail's Trails


Finished Size 60′ x 60′

I started this quilt way back in August 2008 when I was still working at my old job, still studying tafe – which made me as miserable then as it did all of last year – and I was at the height of my RPM obsession 🙂

I had seen the pattern on a blog that I read – which I can’t find right now – and I really liked the pattern.  As usual I had no plans to start another quilt however, when I was talking to my hairdresser in August I matched her and this quilt together.

Things have changed since then and at this stage the quilt doesn’t have a home to go to.  I do have something in mind but am not 100% sure of it.

I had finished it up to flimsy stage just over a month later at the end of September – where I was still studying but had accepted a job offer at my current job.

Until I looked it up, I hadn’t realised that I had finished the top so quickly.

From there it languished in a box in my sewing room until I had some time off in June 2009 when Grandma had her Carpal Tunnels done.

With the spare time that I had I decided to put some more time into it  and  start quilting it so I could get it closer to being finished.

I finished the quilting and got the binding on via the machine in early July before it was put back into my to do box and forgotten about until December 2009 when it was  pulled out and try to make it my last finish of 2009 as I only had to hand bind it and put a label onto it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t/couldn’t give it my complete focus and it wasn’t quite finished in time.  It isn’t all sad news though as this meant that I had my first finish for 2010 just 3 days into the New Year with the binding finished  being sewn down yesterday and the label put on today.

Theoretically, this should bode well for my other ufo’s sitting in my to do box however, I know of at least 2 quilts that need to be finished by the first quarter of the year – which I’m not counting – and 2 more that I really need to start (from scratch) and finish by the end of the year so….. we’ll see 🙂


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