Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I know, I know I’m a bit late but I’m currently down in Mount Gambier visiting with my Mum so we have been busy wizzing here and wizzing there 🙂

I drove down Thursday night straight after work and made good time.  There was hardly any traffic on the road so it was a nice drive.

On the Friday we went down to Port MacDonnell for Lunch at Periwinkles and then for a drive around the coast.

In Port Macdonnell the mansion in the picture above (taken in Nov 05) is currently up for sale for a cool $1.25 million.  How nice would it be to live there?

Today was a day of shopping.  I didn’t get what I wanted but I did manage to buy a new black t-shirt and cardigan which was great as I had only packed shorts and tank tops and the weather in the Mount was overcast, raining and about 20C!  It was a bit chilly for me 🙂

We also went out for dinner at the local Thai place and then dessert and coffee at a favourite cafe of my Mum’s.

After that, we went home.

I finished hand sewing the binding onto Snails Trails as well, so when I get home tomorrow I’ll put a label on it and mark it off my list as done.

Whilst I’ve been away I’ve also had time to think about my Dad and his birthday this year (2010).  He will be turning 60 and I kind of want to make him a quilt.  However, after the debacle of the placemats that I gave him a few years ago I’m not sure that I do want to make him a quilt.

He has shown me the fabrics that he likes (dark blues) but I haven’t found or seen a pattern that tells me to make it for him.

I have been thinking and up until tonight I thought I would just remake Snails Trails but in blue but I’ve been looking at Log Cabins tonight and I think I’ll make him a Log Cabin quilt in blue and cream and set it in the “barn raising” setting.

I’ll pull out my blues when I get home and see how I go.

Hope you all had a good New Years 🙂


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