A Productive Afternoon

Mum & her partner left early this morning after taking me to breakfast.

I took advantage of the empty house to put things back in their place in my room and the sewing room and also to move some stuff around.

After that I decided that today was going to be a sewing day 🙂

I was a bit undecided about what I should start with or finish off but eventually settled on Berries for Breakfast #2.

I already had a heap of green 2.5′ squares cut out from another project that is temporarily stalled so I sewed a bunch of them together and leader ended that with the beginnings of Stars & Pinwheels (as seen in the photo above: bottom left).

Once I did that I got it sandwiched and sewed around the applique items with white cotton and then got it to the point where I had binding on it as well.

I was hoping that from here I wouldn’t need to do any further quilting to it however, looking at it I really don’t like the open spaces and how they are “poofing” up.

So, as soon as I have a spare minute (ha!) – probably in the New Year – I’ll either do some swirls or some bobbles or something.  I’ll work it out when I get there 🙂

Anyways, I’m off to watch some more tv and to continue hand binding Snails Trails so that I can mark it off this year’s list.


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