Working Thru The List

I just wanted to pop in and make a note of where I am at the moment.

I loved how when I was compiling my 2 posts last night how I could go back through the archives and see the projects grow from start to finish and decided that I would make a concerted effort to blog a bit more on what I’m doing/finishing completing with my quilts but also about what I’m doing/seeing/going.

So here I am 🙂

One thing I would like to note is that for Xmas/Birthday my Dad got a me a new camera.  It is a Nikon Coolpix S570 and it is pink.  It is very pretty and so far has taken some really good photos.

I took this one of my Grandma this afternoon whilst I was trying out the different settings and I really like it.

I wasn’t aiming to get a new camera as the one that I currently have still takes good pictures but I mentioned to my Dad that I wouldn’t mind a bigger SD card and he then asked if I wanted a new camera.  I said that I would like a new one but at this stage didn’t really need one so I wasn’t really looking.

He then replied that that is what birthday’s and xmas’ are for.  To ask for the things that you want but don’t really need and told me that he would get me one.

I’m happy that I have it but am now not quite sure with what to do with my old camera.  It works fine but is a bit outdated in terms on technology as it is only 4 megapixels but it is still a good camera.

Today marks the only shopping day in the 4 days of Christmas 2009 and of course, my Mum wants to go shopping.

I, of course, would rather pull my fingernails out.  Just thinking about the crowds and lack of parking makes me want to hide under my bed.

However, I was given a Myer gift card and was thinking I might go and get some perfume with it so I guess I will be going shopping.

It’s ok though.  I’ll make her buy me a coffee! 🙂

Just so this post is related to quilting somewhat I’ve included my list of things that I would like to do before the new year rings in.

I know it is all a bit of a stretch and I won’t get most done but it’s ok cause I’ll take what isn’t done into the new year.

I’m currently sitting at 9 finishes for 2009 and whilst 12 – one for each month – would be lovely I know that I won’t get there so I’m either going to concentrate on binding Snails Trails or Berries for Breakfast.

I only have to bind Snails Trails whereas I still have to border, quilt and bind Berries….

We’ll see how I go 🙂

So my list now looks like this as at 27/12/09:

  • Stars in Court – done 26/12/09
  • Butterfly Garden: Block One (Wallhanging) – done 15/12/09
  • Bind Snails Trails
  • Rebind Memories of Spring #1 and put some flowers on it
  • Just Another Nine Patch Star – to flimsy or even block stage
  • Pin & Quilt x2 quilts
  • Finish Kokeshi Dolls – done 26/12/09
  • Finish Berries for Breakfast
  • Finish Sugar Candy
  • Finish Hexagon Quilt to the first border

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