2009: Finish #9

Finished Size: 46′ x 60′

When I first saw this quilt in AP&Q I was immediately drawn to it and knew that I would have to make it.

However, like any quilter I already had/have a thousand other things on the go and didn’t really need to start a new quilt.

Going through my archives I think I started sewing the quilt on the 19th April, however, I had been collecting the pink & yellow fabrics for quite some time before that.

It was up to flimsy stage by the 19th July and quilted and bound (by machine) on the 26th July.

From there I seem to have gone on a blogging break but I know that during that time I was working my normal job, a casual weekend job, also studying at TAFE and trying to recover from something similar to whooping cough!

So it was a busy time for me in those three months where I just didn’t have time or the inclination to be creative.

I finished the hand binding on Monday 21st December at work.  The systems were slower than slow and I kind of cracked the shits and said “well, if I can’t work I may as well be productive at something else!”

When I finished quilting it I wasn’t quite happy with it as I had only quilted around the stars and now it seemed that it was too big a break in the quilting and they were poofing up on the fabric.  At the time I had a few ideas of how to fix it – one of them was to throw it in the cupboard and never see it again!

However, it wasn’t until the weekend with Kellie that I found my real solution which was to Steam-A-Seam smaller stars on top and machine quilt them down.

This has worked really well in bringing the stars down and connecting them with the quilt and I think it looks much better now than what it did before.

I finished sewing down the last 2 pink stars today and then created and handsewed down the label and it was done at 10pm 🙂

I have really, really, really, fallen in ♥ with this quilt and I really don’t want to give it away.  My mum and grandma are both telling me also not to give it away.

However, I can’t keep all of the quilts that I make and I have a few more planned for just me so I can’t justify keeping this one.

Besides, if I really want it to I can always make it again 😀

Grandma being cheeky and pretending to be asleep under it!


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