2009: Finish #8

My Kokeshi Dolls was started on Anzac Day weekend at the Inspired Stitches “Quilt Camp” run by Sarah at Quilt Fabric Delights.

It is a Melly design and I think it is pretty darn cute 🙂

I just had a flick back through my archives to see if I could work out when I finished the stitchery part but I don’t seem to have had any luck.

All I know for sure is that it was finished sometime after April and before December 😛

The thing that was holding me up with the fact that I’d have to nail it onto the canvas which I had no idea of how to do and I really didn’t want to stuff it up!

However, this afternoon my Uncle and cousins came down and as my Uncle is a carpenter I figured he would have a clue on how to do it.

So I quickly centred* the pattern, cut off the excess material, wizzed on the borders and brought it, the canvas and nail gun out to my Uncle for him to work his magic on it.

And after working out that the staples go under the staple gun not in the staple gun we were in business.

A few minutes later and it was all done 🙂

I promptly handed it to Mum as she had been eyeing it off and wished her a Merry Christmas!

So my list now looks like this as at 26/12/09:

  • Stars in Court
  • Butterfly Garden: Block One (Wallhanging) – done 15/12/09
  • Bind Snails Trails
  • Rebind Memories of Spring #1 and put some flowers on it
  • Just Another Nine Patch Star – to flimsy or even block stage
  • Pin & Quilt x2 quilts
  • Finish Kokeshi Dolls – done 26/12/09
  • Finish Berries for Breakfast
  • Finish Sugar Candy
  • Finish Hexagon Quilt to the first border
*Kelly centred, just like a quilt is Kelly square.  You know, square but not quite square

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